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In 2015, Clinic 5 was founded by Trent and Jenny Thrasher. We realized the need for a clinic that specializes in opiate and alcohol addiction. Our staff at Clinic 5 is dedicated to ensure that each person is treated with compassion during the first steps in their journey to recovery. We believe that the stigma of recovery should be removed so people can get the help they deserve. Longevity, wellness, and counseling are the key factors to non-addictive living.

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Jenny Thrasher


Gabriella Antonelli

Office Manager

Lauren Firestone

Medical Assistant

Heather Daniels

Medical Assistant

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Dr. Charles Griffith

Dr. Edward Hwang

Dr. Thomas Harrell

Medical Director
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Let's have a virtual tour on our clinic, staff and our programs. For more photos please visit our Facebook page.
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